It is always an emotion to choose, together with a couple, the right location and the theme for the Engagement Session.

And it is even more exciting to find something that reflects the different personalities.

For your Engagement Session once you have chosen the place, I dwell on the choice of the most appropriate atmosphere of the environment, also helping you in choosing a clothing that reflects your character and place.

I want you both to feel relaxed, confident and ready for some hours of pure fun!



 When planning an Engagement Session, timing and timing play a very important role.

Summer and autumn are wonderful seasons for the photos, but even the winter sessions can reserve amusing surprises!

Also I always suggest to organize the Sessions sufficiently in advance of the wedding date, in order to live the experience without worries and in order to become familiar with the camera

It is generally advisable to book the session at least one month in advance to organize everything better.



 My personal password for any good Engagement Session should be “Fun”!

Although often the first time behind the lens you think you are a bit clumsy and awkward, I will show you that you can make spontaneous and natural shots.

During the session I will capture the personality of each of you, emphasizing how sincere and spontaneous you are.

I want you to really enjoy yourself, enjoy the experience and feel completely at ease from the first moment!



One Word: NO STRESS!

My Engagement Session are originals because designed and bespoke for you. For this sin from the first meeting I commit myself to know your personalities both singularly and as a couple.

I want to tell your love story with honesty and creativity, showing how you really are in a genuine way.



Below I show you a small selection of some engagement sessions.

If you want to know more than another taste of what I can do for you, do not hesitate to contact me!


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